Tampere Artists’ Association

Tampere Artists’ Association has over 300 members: painters, sculptors and printmakers, as well as artists working in the other fields in art (media art, photography, performance). The Association is dedicated to enhancing and promoting work opportunities for artists, providing education to its members, and ensuring the availability of exhibition opportunities for artists.

How to apply for membership in Tampere Artists’ Association.

The office of  Tampere Artists’ Association is located at Mältinranta Artcenter:
Kuninkaankatu 2, 33210 Tampere, Finland
Tel. +358 10 420 2040
info (at) tampereen-taiteilijaseura.fi
Open: Mon–Fri at 10–15.

Mältinranta Artcenter houses also two art galleries (Gallery and Studio), Art Lending Service and workshops for professional artists. The building is a former City water purification plant, situated in the nothern corner of the Tampere city center, by the Tammerkoski rapids and the old Finlayson cotton factory area. For visitors the Finlayson area and its surroundings offer a lively area of museums, galleries and other cultural and leisure activities, historical monuments, restaurants, cafes and other services.

Galleries presenting high-quality contemporary art are open for public Mon–Thu at 12–18, Fri–Sun at 12–16.

How to apply for exhibition.

The Art Lending Service, ”Arts Library”, with its numerous paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture includes works by over 100 artists from Tampere Artists’ Association. It also serves as a versatile and ever changing sales collection of local art.

Galleries and The Art Lending Service at Mältinranta Artcenter
Kuninkaankatu 2, 33210 Tampere, Finland
Tel. +358 10 420 2040
info (at) tampereen-taiteilijaseura.fi
Open: Mon–Thu at 12–18, Fri–Sun at 12–16.

The workshops in Mältinranta Artcenter and the project space in Takahuhti Artcenter are meant mainly for the use of local professional artists. There are workshops for print making (e.g. intaglio, silkscreen and litography), a ceramic oven, a workshop for metal works with welding equipment and a monument studio for making large artworks. The Association also offers art courses for professional artists and amateurs alike.

Artists’ Residence. Tampere Artists’ Association rents accommodation and work facilities for visiting artists at Takahuhti Artcenter (address: Kirjavaisenkatu 17, Tampere), about 5 km to the east of Tampere city center. Takahuhti Artcenter houses also work and storage spaces for twenty professional artists of Tampere Artists’ Association.

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