Artists’ Association

Tampere Artists’ Association is the second oldest still functioning association of professional artists in Finland. The Association has the total of 270 members (January 2012): painters, sculptors and printmakers, as well as artists working with the new media in arts. The Association functions as the interest group of artists in Tampere region and through national associations also in the whole of Finland. The purpose of the Association is to develop the work conditions and to promote work opportunities for its artists, to arrange courses and to provide opportunities for its members to exhibit works regularly.

Tampere Artists’ Association operates from Mältinranta Artcenter where its office is situated. The building is a former water refinery designed by architects Bertil Strömmer and Eetu Murros in 1926. The Association has since 1983 rented the premises from the City of Tampere. In the Artcenter there are also two art galleries, the Art Lending Service as well as workshops for professional artists.