Naoji Ishiyama

Naoji Ishiyama:

I’m working (making prints) to fulfill my interest. My interest comes from the questions. Somehow, some objects attract me.

Why do I react to this object? What kind of feeling do I have with this object? How I can make this feeling clear? First of all, what is this object? How does it exist there? How can grab the object? In what situation do I want to see it? How can I make this feeling visible?

For me, to draw an object is to investigate it, and to look into my feelings at the same time. And quite often, or almost always, the form of the object in my work will be slightly changed followed by my interest. Finally it will reach the form which I wanted to see and how I’ve seen the object. And I will know the distance from the image to myself clearly, how far or how close it is, and I am relieved.

So, I am always working with quite a personal interest, and this interest makes me myself. Naturally, I also have a desire to share this interest with someone. If I can do this, I still feel that I am connected with the society and that makes me happy. Therefore, I will show my works in this exhibition.

I will be showing recent dry point works and etchings, pencil drawings and polyester lithographs as well. All these works indicate my interest to the relationship of form, size and distance.

Dry point works are mostly inspired by forms of plants (ref. “INTIMATE LANDSCAPE”). I tried to understand the form by thinking how it is constructed. In polyester lithographs, I did some kind of automatic drawing to find the form coming from my unconsciousness (ref. “EXTENDED DOODLES” ). I am also interested in the size of the form. In the pencil drawings, I tried to think about the size (ref. “POND AS EYE”). In some dry point works, I tried to show the relationship between size and distance (ref. “158M”). And in etchings, I tried to see the mental distance from the images (ref. series of white “TIME to LEAVE”).


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