Acquiring Art

Art creates a personal touch to your home. It can change the character of the room and create a pleasant atmosphere. Art is well suited also for public spaces as it attracts attention and influences on how the visitors experience the space. With art a space with no character is turned into a unique experience which induces thoughts and images. Art can change the place into something new.

If you are making plans for building a house or renovating an old one, please remember that art can also be integrated into the architecture of the house. Art can be commissioned already at the planning stage.

Tampere Artists’ Association has professional artists suitable for different kinds of projects. We will help you in finding the right artists and artworks for your project. You can contact us to find more information on our services.


Framing done professionally protects the artwork and offer wider variety of styles to enhance the character of it. When having an artwork framed, it is important to remember the following technical factors:
– Graphic prints, aquarelles and drawings require acid-free materials. Wrong materials may cause the paper to turn yellow in time.
– Graphic prints, aquarelles and drawings should not be placed in direct sunlight, because the ultraviolet light may make the paper brittle.
– The artwork should be framed in such a manner that the surface of the paper does not touch the glass.

Intellectual Property Rights

When acquiring art, it is useful to be aware of the intellectual property rights of the artwork. Their purpose is to protect the artwork, they also place some restrictions on the use of it. According to the law the artist has certain economical and moral rights even after the artwork has become the property of another person. In Finland the intellectual property rights are looked after by the Visual Artists’ Copyright Society Kuvasto.

Art changes the mood of the room

Every artwork is unique and influences the mood of the room, by changing the artwork also the atmosphere of the room changes.

Artworks: Anna Alapuro, Maisa Heiskanen, Jaakko Himanen, Anssi Jääskeläinen, Jarmo Kallinen, Janne Laine, Hannamari Matikainen, Hanna Mélart, Anne Mäkelä, Helge Riskula, Eeva Saine, Annu Salminen, Kirsti Tuokko, Ilkka Virtanen ja Ilkka Väätti.

Photos: Maria Arponen.