How to Apply



Mältinranta Artcenter has two separate galleries: Gallery and Studio. Studio and Gallery can be rented together or as separate exhibition spaces. Room darkening is possible in both galleries. The exhibition period is three weeks including the mounting and dismantling of the exhibition. The provision is 35%.

Gallery Mältinranta
Floor space: 190 m2
Height: 3,95 m
Rent: 1500 €

Studio Mältinranta
Floor space: 70 m2
Height: 5,40 m
Rent: 850 €

You can apply an exhibition period with either a free-form application or with the application form found below.

If you send your application by mail, please, send the following documents with your application: 1. a free-form exhibition plan, 2. CV and 3. pictures of recent artworks (10 high-quality photographs or prints, videos compressed into commonly used file formats such as MP4 or WMA compatible with the Windows environment). Please, remember to specify which gallery/galleries you are applying for and to inform us, if you have specific wishes on the exhibition time.

PLEASE NOTE: Last season we had difficulties in receiving application forms by internet. Therefore we now accept only applications sent by mail or email. Please send your email applications with attachments (listed above) to: 

Application times

Application deadlines for the artists are the end of January and the end of August annually. The Exhibition Board chooses the exhibitors for the spring and autumn terms of the following year on the basis of applications.

Exhibition Board / Tampere Artists’ Association
Mältinranta Artcenter
Kuninkaankatu 2
33210 Tampere

If you want to have your application sent back to you, please enclose an envelope with the necessary amount of stamps.

Next application period is for the spring 2019 (July - December) and will end by 31st January 2018.