Art around Tampere

The works of the memebers of Tampere Artists’ Association are exhibited in several small exhibition places in Tampere on a monthly basis. These include the lobby area of the central office building of the City of Tampere, a single-work exhibition place in Tampere Hall, Wärjäämö cafeteria at the study and work centre for the mentally handicapped as well as the cafeteria areas at the Tampere University Hospital and the Finn-Medi Research Centre.

Tampere Hall

Yliopistonkatu 55, Tampere (location on map)

Central office building of the City of Tampere

Aleksis Kiven katu 14-16, Tampere (location on map)


Kanavaraitti 3, Tampere (location on map)

Kahvikeidas, Tampere University Hospital

Teiskontie 35, Tampere (location on map)

Restaurant Ellipsi, Finn-Medi

Biokatu 12, Tampere (location on map)

  • 1.10. - 30.11. Teemu Raudaskoski